Digital energy path for planning and operation


The aim of the DIEGO project is to develop digital tools for sustainable energy systems in an international consortium. To this end, the international partners will contribute their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. The planned solutions of the digital tools and the methods for the planning, development and operation of sustainable energy systems and processes will sustainably promote society and identify possible new market models. The different expectations of customers and users will be analysed in order to take them into account in the project solutions and to meet the growing expectations of the beneficiaries, considering their specificities and requirements. Equality and inclusion of end- users in the energy system and market are essential for the successful transition and decarbonisation of energy infrastructures.

The main objective of DIEGO is to develop and test consistent methods and applications for digital integrated system and component networking of processes and infrastructures to provide reliable, cross­ grid and sustainable industrial products. To this end, DIEGO solutions will be developed and validated on five different demonstrators at five different locations.

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